The images below will link you to the respective discipline’s lineage. Note these are not complete lists. These individuals mentioned are known to be teaching and hold the minimum rank of first degree black belt.

Although Grand Master Peter Kwok studied with many teachers in more styles than the four he taught, he always claimed to have collected the best forms from the best teachers. Below are the four teachers Grand Master Kwok credited as being the main teacher in each of the four disciplines he taught. Three of these names are written in his own hand.

Shao Lin Quan Main Teacher
Han Ching Tung

Tai Ji Quan Main Teacher
Guo Lien Ying

Xing Yi Quan Main Teacher
Giang Yung Chien

Ba Gua Zhang Main Teacher
Gun Yuen Tang


Many people, both Kwok and non Kwok students as well, have often inquired as to what Grand Master Kwoks given name was. His writen name in chinese characters is Guo He yi which is very easily verified by looking up his signature in any Chinese Dictionary. However, Peter Kwok usually went by his Cantonese name because most of the Chinese People around the area spoke only Cantonese. Appearing below is his given name as spoken in Cantonese, again writen by his own hand.