Long Feng Shuang Jian

(Dragon-Phoenix Twin Double Edge Swords)

The following are pages taken from the booklet on Shao Lin Chuan – Long Feng Shuang Jian (Dragon-Phoenix Twin Double Edge Swords). The first page is part of the preface and gives the backgound of the form. The second page is from the list of move names from the form, and the third page is the opening move and first few moves of the form itself.

This set of double swords is based on the Green-Dragon Double Swords of Cha Fist and Plum-Blossom Double Swords of Six-Combination Fist. It was developed assimilating some of the moves from Ba Guà’s Dragon Double Swords, Cha Fist’s Forest-Piercing Double Swords and Cao Fist’s Dragon Phoenix Double Swords.

Although it maintains the basic requirements of traditional swordplay with respect to body movement, footwork, hand position, and eye movement, this set of swordplay has made adjustments in terms of which movements to adapt, and the sequence of movements. One may say it combines the strong points of all styles and makes itself a new set of double swordplay that not only inherits from the tradition, but also is creative.

This set of double swordplay is suitable practice for people who have mastered the basics of fists. For the beginner, to make it more convenient to practice, one may make appropriate changes or select portions of the movement, based on the individual’s situation, to ease the level of difficulty.

This set of double swordplay is named Dragon-Phoenix Double Swords because when proficient, the practice looks agile, graceful, robust and gentle, like the flying dragon and the dancing phoenix.