Qiang Shu

(Spear Play Skill Form)

The following are pages taken from the booklet on Shao Lin Chuan Group A Spear Skills Picture Illustration Spear Form (Jia Zu Qiang Shù Tú Jie). The first page is from the forward, the second page is page one of the list of move names, and the last page is page one of the illustrated form, the preparatory moves and moves 1, 2 and 3 of Section One.

Jia Zu Qiang Shù Tu Jie
Group A Spear Skills Picture Illustration Spear Form

The traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Wu Shu), after going through continuous development, has become a sport that is liked by the public. At present, the number of people who participate in the Wu Shu sport is increasing nationwide everyday. Their technical skills have also been rapidly developed and improved. In order to meet the demand of readers who study Wu Shu, we have transcribed this set or form “Spear Form Basic Training Study Book,” for general learners to use as a reference.

While compiling this set or form, the authors of the set have adopted traditional techniques of a variety of Wh Shu styles, as well as innovative techniques. Although all Wu Shu routines are based on jumps, balance, foot position, leg movement, rolling, turns, hand position, eye position, body movement, footwork, and strength, different routines have different technical requirements, and each routine has its own style and characteristic in terms of its movement, therefore posing different requirements for different exercises. For example, sword play changes rapidly, precise, light and quick; while spear play involves expansive movements, a lot of changes, a high level of difficulty and detailed requirements, etc. Correctly practicing various routines concurrently makes Wu Shu more valuable in terms of body-building, because it impels the body to thoroughly develop.

The entire basic practice routines are divided into Group A and Group B. Group A is more difficult and requires more vigorous movement. It is suitable to practice for athletes that have reached a certain level of techniques. Group B’s level of difficulty and strength is comparable to traditional technical routines used to improve overall technical skills. Due to lack of experience and our limited knowledge in all aspects, mistakes are unavoidable. Reader’ are welcome to provide us with comments to allow us to improve ourselves in the future.

Opening Move (Preparatory Movements) Yu Bei Dong Zuo
  • Preparatory form. Yù bèi shì.
  • Push the spear down with feet together.
    Bìng bù xià tui quang.
  • Flash the palm in Tiger Stance. Pu bù liàng zhang.
Section One
  1. High Lotus and parry block thrust the spear in a Bow & Arrow. Cha bù lán ná gong bù zhong píng zha qiang.
  2. Swing leg and jump up, then parry block thrust the spear in a Bow & Arrow. Gài tiào bù lán ná gong bù zhong píng zha qiang.
  3. Single walking step, circle the spear. Gu xíng bù rào bhán qiang.
  4. Jump up to High Lotus, then parry block thrust the spear in a Bow & Arrow. Tiào Cha bù lán ná gong bù zhong píng zha qiang.
  5. Tap the spear, with leg pressed behind the knee (Lazy Rooster Stance). Kòu tui dian qiang.
  6. Lift the knee to Rooster, parry downward with spear. Tí xi hào, xià bo qiang.
  7. Step back, turn the body, then slash with spear in Low Inside Empty Stance. Chè bù huí shen gen bù pi qiang.
  8. Press the spear in Empty stance. Xu bù ya qiang.
  9. Circle foot to Rooster stance and thrust the spear in Bow and Arrow. Rào shàng bù gong bù zhong píng zha qiang.
  10. Dash spear in Empty stance. Xu bù beng qiang.
Section Two
  1. Jump up, hold spear in Sitting Lotus Stance. Tiào xie bù bào qiang.