Jian Hua Tai Ji Quan

(Tai Chi Chuan Short Form)

In 1956 the Chinese government issued a simplified set of tai chi quan based on the most popular sequences or moves of the Yang School. It consists of 24 moves which progress from the easy to the difficult, and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

The following are page was taken from the booklet on Tai Chi Chuan – Short Form written by Grandmaster Torres. This page is part of the preface and is the names of the moves.

  1. Opening
  2. Wild Horse Separating the Mane
  3. White Crane Flapping The Wings
  4. Brush The Knee, Twist the Step
  5. Playing The Pi P’ar
  6. Step Back Repulse the Monkey
  7. Grasp the Bird’s Tail (left and right)
  8. Single Whip
  9. Cloud Hands
  10. Single Whip
  11. Pat the Horse (High Pat on Horse)
  12. Right Heel Kick
  13. Double Wind Strikes the Temples
  14. Left Heel Kick
  15. Snake Creeping in the Grass (Low Single Whip)
  16. Golden Rooster Standing
  17. Snake Creeping in the Grass (Low Single Whip)
  18. Golden Rooster Standing
  19. Fairy Lady Weaving
  20. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea
  21. Fan Arm
  22. Turn Around, Parry, Block, Punch
  23. Close Like Shut
  24. Cross Hands