Our System

Grand Master Peter Kwok (Kwok Wo ngai) studied from many, many Masters one of which was his father. His father sent him to the best teachers and practitioners of his generation throughout all of China. While in his late teen years Grand Master Kwok went to Taiwan to study with the famous Guang Ping Yang Tai Ji Master Guo Lien Ying.

Grand Master Kwok knew many more forms than what he taught. He only taught what he considered the best of all his experiences. The seventy two individual forms comprising one external and three internal styles are his presentation of the best that he was exposed to and have hence forth been termed the “Kwok System.”

After learning all the forms, routines and drills, including the two man sparring and fighting drills, I asked Grand Master Kwok to show me some more forms that I might expand my repertoire. He agreed and showed me some forms that he didn’t teach. I immediately knew why. My disappointment was expressed when I asked, “is that it?” “Why bother to do that when we have these other forms that require much greater skill level?” To which he replied, “that’s why I don’t teach them. I have spoiled you with what I have taught you. Go out into the world and find better, go to China, you’ll be back.” So I did. I went to China and Europe and Canada, and I came back.

Here presented is the “Kwok System” in completion, a compilation of many Masters’ teachings in four systems of Chinese Kung fu. No other “Kwok student” can make this presentation.